This page lists some online resources that may be helpful to those who have gone through childbirth trauma.

The list is purely informational. What is helpful and what is not will vary from one person to another. Information that is extremely helpful to some women may be distressing to others. And sometimes, it may be both.

Only you can decide for yourself what sources to trust and what advice to follow.

Other websites on birth trauma
New Zealand site on traumatic birth and recovery
Birth Trauma Association of the UK
Birth trauma information from Calgary, Alberta

Online forums
Solace for Mothers, California

Vancouver counseling for birth trauma
Dr. Anne Dietrich is a specialist in trauma and PTSD
with experience in birth trauma

Free iPhone Apps
(available from iTunes store)

PTSD Coach
By the US National Center for PTSD:
Helps you learn about the symptoms
that commonly occur after trauma and
how to manage them.

Dictionary of PTSD terminology, definitions,
and therapies

Deciphering your hospital records

BC Perinatal Forms and Guidelines
Medical Records and Guidelines on How they are Completed (including some of the abbreviations used)

Online articles on birth trauma 
Sheila Kitzinger on birth trauma
“A Different Kind of Pain in Childbirth.” Navel-gazing Midwife
When birth is trauma
What is birth trauma
The Psycho-Technology of Pregnancy and Labor,
by Thomas Verny
Birth Trauma posts from the Informed Parenting Blog 
Links and info on recovering from traumatic birth

Other support
International Cesarian Awareness Network. C-section prevention, recovery and advocacy.
Postpartum Support International
A site by, for and about those born by a C-section

Informed Consent'-guide-to-consent-to-health-care.pdf
A government directive describing how health care providers should obtain consent before performing medical procedures. Describes Advance Directives (p.16-19), a document that as of Sept 2011 women can use instead a Birth Plan, in order to have a legally binding document as to what they consent to during the birth and what they do not, ahead of time.
Describes in more details Advance Directives and gives an optional form that can be used. The form is on p.50-51 in the following PDF:

Traditional birth attendants in BC
Gloria Lemay's website
Moreka Jolar's website

Other resources
A Research Blog About Pregnancy and Birth
My OB said WHAT?!?

The Squat Birth Journal
A radical midwifery birth magazine
Coallition for Improving Maternity Services
and the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative (MFCI)
Reflections on pregnancy, birth, and mothering
A blog by Rixa Freeze
Michael Odent's website
The effects of primal period (fetal life, perinatal period and year following birth) on health and personality traits in later life.

Bornfree: Unassisted Childbirth in North America
A PhD Dissertation by Rixa Freeze

Support Groups outside of BC
Birth Trauma support group in Ottawa trauma support group.htm
Birth Trauma support group in Seattle

Statistics and research studies
Hospital reports from the Fraser Institute
(including C-section and VBAC) for each hospital
Canadian Perinatal Health Report 2008
Public Health Agency of Canada
Giving Birth in Canada - Reports
from the Canadian Insitute of Health Information (CIHI)
UBC C-section study

Advocacy and Birth Activism
Working with Other Consumer Groups to Get a Bill Enacted into Law
The pregnant patient bill of rights
Coalition for Improving Maternity Serivces (CIMS)